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About Us

So, I’ve been spinning out here in Las Vegas for the last 17 years or so. I started out playing 80′s and 90′s classic hip-hop, and even back then I found myself dropping in the occasional records from The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, or local heroes, The Crystal Method, into my sets. As my career progressed, I really began to experiment with house music, especially when XS first opened. Prior to the megaclub bringing in all of the A-List talent, the resident DJ’s – myself, Warren Peace, and Dave Fogg – felt the need to push house music in the club, while our peers in the DJ world were looking at us like we were crazy. So there I was, downloading Afrojack and Dada Life cuts from Palms Out Remix Sundays, and then one day Afrojack walked in the building, and commandeered the DJ booth….

With the advent of international DJ’s coming in to XS, the club moved to an all house format, which was fine by me, because it allowed me to play house music in a market where it was largely ignored. No longer did I have to feel I was “taking a big risk” by playing “Leave The World Behind” in a mainstream club, because this was the new mainstream. The paradigm shift gave me opportunities to play alongside the likes of Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, R3hab, Sharam, A-Trak, Dada Life, Nervo, and others, and not have to pander to the tourists any longer.

I’ve since left XS to pursue other interests, such as this website, producing tracks for my new record label, Hellafine, and the relaunch of our sister site HipHopSite.Com. HipHopSite is where my career as a writer began (which would later find me published in URB), and on that site is where I have written over 1000+ album reviews, conducted numerous interviews with rap legends, and introduced the world to once unknown acts like Eminem, RJD2, 9th Wonder, and plenty more. So, in a nutshell, we’re not new to this.

We had a fun time watching all of the controversy over “real DJ’s vs. button pushers” taking place over the last few months, so we picked the name “We All Hit Play” for our new house/electronic dance music site. While A-Trak is a longtime friend – (he actually recorded a promo for HipHopSite.Com in 1997) – we felt Deadmau5′s declaration that “we all hit play” was kind of neutral ground to a gentlemen’s dispute. Let’s face it: whether your up there doing crab scratches or simply standing there waving a flag around, the statement is true in either case. But we know what we like better. Truth be told, originally we were going to go with ButtonPusher.Com, but that would insure we pissed off at least half of the industry ;)

All jokes aside, WeAllHitPlay.Com will function side-by-side with the recently relaunched HipHopSite.Com, and will provide insight into the exploding dance music scene that has found it’s home here in Las Vegas. From the huge, genre-defining icons to the up-and-coming kid with a banger on his hands, all of it will be covered here.

Back for the first time,

DJ Pizzo

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