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24 July, 2014@12:31 am

One of our favorite new producers at the forefront of the twerk music scene, known for his work with G-Buck and appearances on Benzi’s TWRK podcast series, the enigmatic Saint delivers his debut album, Immaculate. Featuring a series of collaborations with equally buzzworthy vocal acts / rappers such as Dai Burger and Cakes Da Killa, this is definitely one to watch.

1. Canto One
2. Tamagotchi (feat. Dai Burger)
3. Body Talk (feat. Versailles)
4. Down On Ya (feat. Big Momma)
5. Heathers (feat. Andre Martel & Sad Andy)
6. Playing The Villain
7. Saki Bomb (feat. Cakes Da Killa)
8. Who Mad? (feat. Chapman)
9. Blowing Up My Phone (feat. ALL HAIL NOIR)
10. Hoodrat Shit (feat. Chippy Nonstop)
11. We Goin’ In (feat. UNIIQU3)
12. LoveHateSong (feat. Nanosaur)
13. Tamagotchi (feat. Dai Burger – Saint Remix)
14. Saki Bomb (feat. Cakes Da Killa – Saint Remix)

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