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Mad Decent: The debut single from your favorite reptilian Jersey Club prince has arrived, appropriately titled “Trippy’s Theme”. Over the past year, Trippy Turtle bootlegs and remixes have collected millions of soundcloud views and received early industry support from notorious producers and DJs scattered around the globe. At last, he has cooked up his first original single to be released commercially for the masses. Combining Trippy’s whimsical production style and featuring vocals by Santell, “Trippy’s Theme” is a delicious taste of everything we’ve been obsessing over since the get go. Join your pal Trippy Turtle as he takes you on a musical journey down rainbow road on a go cart made of Pokémon balls to his own paradise that bumps happy Jersey beats and bed squeaks for days.

Luckily, the fun doesn’t stop there. TWRK, comprised of Benzi and eSenTRIK, infuse the single with their distinctive trap twist. The combination of Spank Rock’s sizzling rhymes and TWRK’s sexy 100-bpm flair, “Trippy’s Theme (feat. Spank Rock) [TWRK Remix]” will have all amphibians, birds, fishes, invertebrates, reptiles, and mammals twerking ‘til the break of dawn.

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