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27 May, 2014@3:56 am

The extra prolific DJ Dan has over two decades under his belt, and after releasing a double “disc” album in 2012, Disko-Funk-Odyssey, featuring over an hour and 37 minutes of music, he follows up just under two years later with another packed release with Nothing But A Party. A DJ first, Dan’s album is 21 tracks, each of them the full, unedited versions for fellow jocks to play out, most clocking over six minutes each. But in succession is not necessarily the “correct” way to recreationally listen to Dan’s album. To realize its brilliance, you’ve got to hear Dan lay it all down correctly on the album’s last track, a one hour continuous DJ mix that includes most all of the album.

Forget all of the big money, crossover “EDM” sounds you’ve been bombarded with over the last few years, as Nothing But A Party is classically produced, authentic house music that focuses on the groove, rather than the “drop”. Dan has a talent for digging up familiar, yet not so obvious samples, and weaving them into fresh, incredibly fun dance music.

In a way, this is a house music record for aging b-boys, as Dan pulls from classic hip-hop artists like Black Sheep (“Engine No. 9″), Ultramagnetic MC’s (“Back The Funk Up”), and Big Daddy Kane (“Don’t Disturb This Groove”) to build his tracks upon. Other times, we get more obvious samples like James Brown’s “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” on “Everybody Over There”, or the sly Daft Punk / Prodigy nod “Good For Me”, both of which are pulled off brilliantly. In any case, Dan builds an incredibly solid groove, which comes through especially on the hour long mix. On the deeper side of things, standout cuts like “Mighty Wind” and “Cut The Midrange” hold the album together well, with large doses of originality.

But don’t sidestep the album itself completely for the mix. Some of the 20 album cuts are not included on the mix, and are not to be missed. The aforementioned “Good For Me” is one of these, as is the cheecky “Crisco”, which aptly describes Dan’s style as “disco, mixed with a little bit of crisco”. The same can be said for the humorously sampled “Funky Fish Parade”, and his previously released duet with TJR, “Jacked Up Funk”, among others.

However you choose to enjoy Nothing But A Party is on you, but in either case, the end result is a brilliantly put together LP, that serves both the fellow DJ and the casual listener. Dan presents both an authentic and accessible take on classically produced house music, while at the same time providing an abundance of it, without sacrificing the integrity of the artform.

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1 Responses to "DJ Dan – “Nothing But A Party” [Review]"
  • boogie bored says:

    this is so sick. as a hip-hop head turned house music follower I really enjoyed this album.

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