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The Chainsmokers tell us:

So in anticipation of our headlining show at the World Famous LIV Nightclub in Miami we thought we would cook up a track to get everyone pumped for the night!

This Friday 11/22 at LIV, its going down big…

Now first let us say don’t get all bent up about this, its just a fun song… Dont get all high and mighty on it music elitists, its a party tune, lets leave it at that…. Next let us tip our hats to a huge inspiration of ours @TJR for inspiring the style of this track (production wise)…

That said, we know this is a departure from our usual indie progressive style, but DONT WORRY, this track is just a fun party track enjoy it or not, its just for fun… I mean if the title doesn’t infer that, then we are at a loss of words… Anyway, the classic #Selfie, well it pretty much defines 2013… when VH1 does remember the 90′s the Selfie will deserve its own section… So enjoy this tune, play it loud, laugh at it, learn the words (shout out to Alexis Killacam for nailing it all in one take) and hopefully see you at LIV…

1) Last time Drew and I tried to go to LIV we got denied entry for an hour
2) If you look at our mutual Instagram’s, you will find #selfies of ourselves.. guilty as charged
3) The Grass is Always Greener on Chuck Norris’ Lawn… Always…
4) Drews Life goal is to become the Rob Gronkowski
5) Oxford Dictionary just named SELFIE word of the year

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